A Brief History of the Augusta Rip Tides Swim Team

By: Head Coach Neal Baldowski,Jr.

The Augusta Rip Tides Swim Team was formed during the last week of July 2007. The idea to
form the team came from many parents, swimmers and the founding Coaches/Owners of the
team Neal Baldowski Jr, Jenny Baldowski, and Phillip Baldowski. Parents had approached me
during the 2007 summer season and indicated that if I would start up my own year round team
they would join immediately. My idea is to promote competitive swimming to all who would like
to swim-no matter race, gender, or creed. The name Augusta Rip Tides was chosen because
when abbreviated it is A.R.T. which spells out ART and after all swimming is an art form.“Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and say why
not. “J.F.K.

Welcome to Augusta Rip Tides AGE GROUP (A.R.T.)

Swimming Is Fun


What is the program philosophy? The Augusta Rip Tides Swim program is a program centered around teaching a child to achieve, push themselves to new limits and how to be successful. Our vehicle for teaching these lessons is through competitive swimming, but the skills and training are transferable to all areas of the athletes life. We seek athletes and families who are improvement minded and desire to discover where their potential may lie as they strive to be Champions of Life!

Does the program emphasize technique and stroke
development at all levels of the program?

Athletes who swim with the Augusta Rip Tides are taught the first and foremost determination of swimming speed is learning proper stroke technique and racing skills and applying them to everyday training. Athletes are taught through consistent positive feedback using all of their senses, the same techniques, drills, and skills used by Olympians. One of the hallmarks of our program is that you will see our youngest and oldest, most developed and least developed performing the same skills and drills in practice.

What type of training and experience do the coaches in the program have?
What do they do for further education?

Members of the Augusta Rip Tides Coaching staff approach their task as professionals, realizing the impact they have on their athletes’ lives. As such they are constantly searching out educational opportunities though the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) and USA Swimming (USA-S). We keep up to date not only on the latest swimming technique, but in the areas of childrens physical, emotional, and psychological development. Our coaches have experience in serveal aspects of swimming including Summer League, Park, District, State, Southeastern, and National Level Swimming.

Does the program emphasize the long term success
and development of the athlete?

The Augusta Rip Tides Swim Program is set up so that all athletes at all levels receive a strong stroke foundation as well as learn to have fun with swimming; two of the most critical pieces for the long term success of the athlete. Our ability and age based program is structured to give appropriate training to ensure athlete success throughout their swimming career. Our structure is based on principles and recommendations learned from ASCA and USA-S, as well as some of the top programs in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

What type of practice/learning/development environment
is provided for my child?

A proper environment for athlete development is critical to athlete success and improvement. The Augusta Rip Tides emphasize a high feedback environment where athletes receive instruction more so than laps. Our low swimmer to coach and swimmer to lane ratios allow for the athletes to learn effectively and take their swimming to their fullest potential. The Augusta Rip Tides are very excited about the program we have to offer. We are looking for athletes and families who are committed to our philosophy of being improvement minded and consistently striving to take their swimming to the next level. If you and your swimmer are looking for a program lead by professionally trained coaches where your child will have the opportunity to practice and compete in a positive environment, the Augusta Rip Tides is the program for you!

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Welcome to Augusta Masters Rip Tides (A.M.R.T) Program is an ADULT SWIM TEAM

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Why swim with the Augusta Masters Rip Tides Program?

Swimming is a great exercise and it’s fun. We offer organized and professionally coached practices with stroke instruction and feedback.

I can’t swim all the strokes, not a very fast swimmer and I am not sure I can finish the workout. How good do I have to be?

A.M.R.T. welcomes swimmers of all abilities from nationally ranked to novice. If you can swim 50 yards, our coaching staff can help you improve your skills and endurance. You don’t have to know all four strokes. Workouts are adjusted to take into account your ability level and what you want to get out of it, such as lose weight, muscle tone, endurance, conditioning or just for fun.

Do I have to compete?

No, but we do offer the opportunity to compete by hosting events like time trial meets, postal meets, traveling to away meets and open water swims.